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Haiku for the Soul

10.08.17 Posted in today's words by

Anna Sanders’ most recent poem to appear here was “The Flow” (August 2017)

Haiku for the Soul
By Anna Sanders

People collect tears,
Pain and sorrow pierce their hearts,
Why not collect smiles?

He came to free you,
You are both saint and sinner,
No one loves like God

Red stands for glory,
Our flag is red, white and blue,
Look for “red” today.

Put on your new shoes,
Goodbye to pain and sorrow,
Cross the healing bridge.

Time spent together,
Goodbyes are happy or sad,
Hello to alone.

See them fret all day,
They hunt for little hills,
To make big mountains.

Foundation of love,
Supports of caring and trust,
Stairway to Heaven.

Falsehoods change and grow,
Like the fury of a storm,
Truth is a constant.

2 Responses to “Haiku for the Soul”

  1. Bobbie Troy says:

    Thanks, Anna. I enjoyed all of these!

  2. Deleana Badger says:

    Awww….Anna, so good. Keep up your good work.

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