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Heart of It All

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Gillian Rene Gossling was born into a learned and close-knit Jewish family. They instilled in her from a very young age a great love of reading and writing. She has been a creative writer for several years. She has traveled extensively, lived in the UK for a few years, and has returned with her husband Mike to her beloved country, South Africa, the place of her birth. Her poem today can be read as invocation at the beginning of the World Cup, being hosted for the first time ever in South Africa.  

Heart of It All
By Gillian Rene Gossling

Your heart is a pool of unimaginable depth
That holds the very essence of who you are in its breast.
Forever keep that thought with you as you go forward,
Ever forward, on your path so true.

When at times you feel down, just look up to the stars
Be they Venus, Jupiter, Mars, …
And see yourself as part of that divine canopy of light
Which will never cease to amaze and delight.

So here’s to you!
May you experience all that you need,
To build your cosmic staircase of Love, Light, and Peace,
For a spiritual realm that may seem far out of reach.

One Response to “Heart of It All”

  1. This is very romantic. Thank you for sharing.

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