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Her Mermaid

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Sandy Patton’s most recent poem to appear here was “In Dreams” (November 2017)

Her Mermaid
By Sandy Patton

In early years, her Mama’s attempts
to brush and comb through wild, untamed
locks proved futile.  She prayed neighbors
wouldn’t call the police upon hearing
the theatrical shrieks of pain
coming from her child at bath time.

At four, with her Kool-Aid mustache grin,
hands on hips, and a toss of long, blond curls,
her daughter firmly announced,
“I’m a mermaid,” and that was that.
And, indeed, she fit the image in every way,
except of course, for the detail of the tail.

Her enchanting, eternal child of the sea
relished those carefree, bathing suit days,
where a blazing sun and salt water ocean
bronzed her skin, turning her hair
into a kaleidoscope of golds and silvers,
a shimmering halo of honey-colored tresses.

As she grew, the ocean was her sanctuary,
a place she felt most alive, one with the sea.
There she transformed from sunburned,
charming tomboy, ponytail bouncing about,
dancing at water’s edge, riding the waves,
to a sun-kissed beauty, cascades of curls
tumbling all around her, catching light;

her mystical, magical mermaid.

6 Responses to “Her Mermaid”

  1. John Anthony Fingleton says:

    A really great poem, enjoyed every line.

    • Sandy says:

      Thank you SO much, John! It was written from the heart, and I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Sandy

  2. I love your vision.

  3. Sharon Poch says:

    Sandy, your writing is as enchanting as your magical Mermaid.

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