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Hey, May

05.02.10 Posted in today's words by

Rae Spencer’s poems are sophisticated (AviaryI dropped it againWhat If,Lore). They show us the world through her eyes, the eyes of a poet who happens to also be a veterinarian. Today’s poem gives us a playful look at the month of May.

Hey, May
By Rae Spencer

Hey, May, what’s with the pole?
That jaunty erect, ribbon bedecked symbol of spring
Ringed with maidens in dizzy dance, to celebrate
Your bustling confusion of bloom, your red and purple
Profusion of stamen, luring every eye

Like a bruise, a spreading contusion of lust
That will fade to green, cease to flutter and sting
When the flush of youth recedes, when the storm’s 
Gust and bluster plays out, when the pollen has fallen
And the maidens return to their beds, alone

To their sleepy dreams of a slower romance
When your whirling delusion spins to a halt
And there are so many more months, looming ahead
Each with its own delight, which may not top
Your frolic, but will longer endure and entrance

Than your singular sight, your fraught ribbons
Knotted into stronger cord, left to weather
Into a wiser weave, with a surer grasp, an easier
Tether to clasp and hold in trust, in safety
Through the rush of any sudden fall

23 Responses to “Hey, May”

  1. You described May in such a beautiful way. Gives us all something to look forward to.

  2. Kay Middleton says:

    This is delightful, suggestive at every turn, and brilliantly constructed. My compliments to the poet and to the editor.

  3. Jean says:

    Rae! What a strong, stimulating poem!

    As Jeanette Cheezum said, “Gives us all something to look forward to.” Jean

  4. Sarah says:

    Wow! Gorgeous writing. I especially love the title and first line.

  5. Sharon Poch says:

    Hey Rae,
    May is now my favorite month. A delicious poem.

  6. Rae says:

    Thank you all for reading and commenting!

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