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To Pen Sylvania

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William C Ross refers to his bio as The Ex Files as he is an ex-broadcaster (radio: on air and management), ex-administrator (county government), and an ex-freelancer/consultant in advertising and public relations. He is now retired and his hobbies are poetry, the reading, writing, and collecting of it. For the past 6 months William has been writing a poem a day centered on’s Word of the Day. Today’s poem is based on the word sylvan and it posts (at William’s suggestion) in honor of Arbor Day! He also writes haiku and you can find him on Facebook, where he maintains an active poetic network and posts some witty and amusing poems and observations.

To Pen Sylvania
By William C Ross

Whose woods these are doesn’t matter to me.
As if someone could own a tree!
In a sylvan setting I find peace
Where rustling leaves give sweet release
From everyday oppressive woes,
Where troubled souls find sweet repose.
Like Frost and Kilmer before me,
I find a poem in every tree.
Sylvan verses are made by fools like us,
And, Lord, may it be forever thus.

2 Responses to “To Pen Sylvania”

  1. vivid and peaceful.

  2. Sarah says:

    Love this — the sentiment, the allusions, the great beginning and end.

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