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Jaded dreams of freedom

04.30.10 Posted in today's words by

Mark Myers gave us a decidedly cheerier story his last go-around (Schooled). Is he rangy? Yes, he is. Read more at his blog after you read this. You’ll want something happy after this, but you’re going to love the poem regardless. 

Jaded dreams of freedom
By Mark Myers

The crack house at Buckhorn
It was really just a trailer that paid dues
The woman walked back and forth to the store every day
Bringing back 40s and chips
Floating up the ditch line like the saddest ghost
Living out her addiction in human bondage

She dreamed of fairy story days when she was just a woman with a problem
Before she was a slave to many masters
And remembers the day she saw it
In a mirror cracked
The day it dawned on her, she was just a problem with a woman in tow
A slave with too many masters

She dreamed of freedom
Freedom like that of the young mother yesterday
Who popped in for a hit or three?
While her baby waited alone across the road
in a cold car seat
in the back of a blue Escort
listening to bully winds rocking the car
and trucks passing on I-40 down below
Yeah, free and easy

2 Responses to “Jaded dreams of freedom”

  1. Val says:

    Mark always sees into the heart of the matter and the hearts of the characters who populate his poems. I have four blogs specifically I value visiting and his is one of those four, and the poem above illustrates precisely why that is.

  2. opoetoo says:

    I have a very few regular visitors at my blog. I am very grateful to know and share with them .
    One of them is a great encourager.

    thanks Val

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