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Insomnia and Ink

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Devika Mathur is a poet from India. Her work has been published in Subterranean blue Poetry, Visual Verse, The rye whiskey, Indian periodicals, Sudden denouement and elsewhere. She also has a blog. 

Insomnia and Ink
By Devika Mathur

It is a memoir of bottled conversations
that my hand does to my mouth
and my mouth to my burning yellow skin.
Phosphorescent petals sinking,
and churning a swirl, a mollusc of corals
with drips of ink inside my vein
something supernatural occurs,
pieces of stardust falls and pause
and repeat.

The talks are moist and mosaic,
jumbled and crooked.
Insomnia, insomnia, insomnia.
Slaps of insouciant twirls of vagueness
like a monarchy of ghosts.
splutter and flutter.
insomnia, insomnia, insomnia.

2 Responses to “Insomnia and Ink”

  1. You have described it perfectly, Insomnia and Ink.

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