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Intro to Blues

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Karen Jakubowski lives on Long Island, where she was born, raised, fled from and returned to. Her poems have appeared in various online publications.

Intro to Blues 
By Karen Jakubowski

Perched on splintered stools
cramped shallow night. Bass
player plucked and blues singer
wailed. We slid through smoke
clouds, landed on trampled
mahogany planks. Stench
of stale beer and spilled
whiskey rising. Air thick,
hazy. Me drawn into your
smoldering plaid embrace. Two
tangled lovers danced.
Glowing in darkness. You
stole my innocence with the
thrum of your sorrow.

3 Responses to “Intro to Blues”

  1. Jean says:

    Oh,oh, Karen! I like the smoky, evocative feel of your poem,but I LOVE
    “You stole my innocence with the
    thrum of your sorrow.”

    What a great poem!

  2. –this one takes me right back to Mobile Alabama where I grew up…. very well written!

  3. This takes me back many years. Well versed.

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