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Living as Though It Matters

11.30.09 Posted in today's words by

Hannah Greenberg is too busy parenting her teenage sons and daughters
to contemplate her navel. In fact, if she had five extra minutes, she
would bake quinoa pie and feed it to her imaginary hedgehogs.
Meanwhile, she steals time by sleeping a little less and laughing a
little more. Hannah uses her illicitly culled time to write. Although
much of her work lines the cages of the budgies, it is also true that
Hannah is a 2009 nominee for the Pushcart Prize in Poetry. This poem
narrates an account of passionate belief with a temperate tone, a
wonderful juxtaposition that leaves the reader free to contemplate
faith and forethought.

Living as Though It Matters
By KJ Hannah Greenberg

Articulated images prove true as
Trumpets announce
Moshiach’s en route.

Reincarnated from other venues, yet
Original to this district,
Whose reality-altering power,

In layers of learning
Becomes, foremost, our
Tour guide for feelings

Easy proximity to
Officialdom. Sometimes
While hanging out laundry.

Red resin filled palms,
Delightful mansions,
Both picturesque and pricey,

Fueled by foreign coins,
Raise the kodesh, transferring
Persons to a new/old place and time.

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