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The Night We Fell in Love

11.29.09 Posted in today's words by

You have read Marla Deschene’s beautiful poem Laundry 101
here. Marla has been spending the month of November participating in a
30 Poems in 30 Days challenge as a fundraiser. For more information and
to read the work she has created in this productive month, go to her blog.
This type of project is so good for spurring your creativity! It forces
a writer to write, and provides plenty of material to revisit at a
later time when editing becomes the focus. This is a sweet poem about a
transforming moment in a relationship. And what a great prompt! Read
this and then go write your own poem about the night you fell in love.

The Night We Fell in Love
By Marla Deschenes

The headlights brushed across the front of the house
On the night we fell in love.
The christening of window glass.
Your eyes glinting as cold night sky
Stretched endlessly upward from the sunroof.

The gravel grinding under the push of rubber tires.
Doppler Effect.
The loudness of the passing cars is directly proportionate
To the shadows passing by my eyelids
As I felt your breath on my face for the first time.

The unseen car passed us by
Sitting intertwined and paused
Illuminated only by dashboard lights.
The spotlight of intrusion
A quickly forgotten memory.

You said goodnight
And slipped out into the darkness
I watched you until you faded away behind the door
And then I followed the fading tail lights home.

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