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11.28.09 Posted in today's words by

exquisite Val B. Russell, Canadian writer of all things wonderful, has
given us some wonderful things to read! There have been her poems (Contributor Series 2: Candy and Spirits, POEm; Circular Motion; Tic Toc) and there is always her blog.
This was not intended for a Thanksgiving poem, but the sentiments
expressed here seem to deserve consideration at this time of indulgence.

By Val B. Russell

For one who never did belong to another soul
There is freedom in loneliness
For one who was never given much
There is wealth in small things like a warm bed or a cold glass of water
For one who was never told the truth
The honesty between the lines of every lie is sacred
For one who never had support
There is security in the shifting of each day and the turning of every tide
For one who was ignored
The attention to detail is proof of live
For one who was injured deeply
The world will always provide the person to reopen the wound just as it starts to heal
For one who was discarded like trash
There is a need to hoard everything of value
For one who was persecuted
There is never enough justice to balance the scales
For one who was imprisoned
There are no bars but those in the mind that are without a key
For one who was never loved
There is nothing else that matters, not breath, food, money, shelter, or success. Just a constant quest to fill the lack

6 Responses to “One”

  1. BOB CHRISTIN says:

    This poem is so very movng it speaks to
    a;; of us who are human and to other parts of all our livee. Well done, so
    authentic, to unoversal. Thank you for sharing it with us/ you are whar vox
    poetica is all about;Bravo

  2. Thank you Bob, not only for your complimentary remarks but also for reading my poem with the compassionate understanding of what it means to suffer and endure.

  3. Annmarie says:

    Yes, agreed! You are precisely what vox poetica is all about!

  4. Val says:

    Annmarie, as always, you are a wonderful support for fledgling poets like me. Thanks for providing this forum so that we may try our wings.

  5. Bobbie Troy says:

    Very powerful, Val. It really makes you think about the human condition.

  6. Val says:

    Thank you Bobbie for your kind words.

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