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The Message of Water

04.16.17 Posted in today's words by

James Piatt’s most recent poem to appear here was “Night Frogs II” (March 2017)

The Message of Water
By James G. Piatt

Awakening to the morning sun glancing
off a tranquil pond, I see a softly
meandering brook, blue with moisture
formed. As I amble down an old deer
trail beside the brook covered with
glistening morning dew, I reach a
beautiful flowered lea. There, I hear soft
singsongs from tiny warbling birds.
While observing a misty veil of cool pure
water tumbling slowly down the side of
a knoll into the pond, I listen to the
guttural croaking of lazy frogs telling a
parable of time past, as the orange
colored sun, gleaming and bright,
warms me. Sitting on a granite boulder
beside the pond, I write poems while
listening to busy crickets playing a
Beethoven aria with Violin-legs,
alongside its edges. Then listening
intently to the water’s epistle arising
from the depths of the pond, I sense
gentle peaceful vibrations entering my soul.

2 Responses to “The Message of Water”

  1. Char james says:

    So perfect for Easter Sunday, thank you

  2. A lovely vision of harmony.

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