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Margaret Beaver is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in economics from Georgia State University. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Counterexample Politics and The Houston Literary Review. She resides near the metro Atlanta area. She writes, as you will note, in a lovely descriptive and metaphoric style. For every person that reads this, there will be a different interpretation of what it means. Isn’t that part of what makes this whole reading and writing thing fun?

By Margaret Beaver

With arching feet white and translucent
I will journey into the eyeless night
Whose sockets are black

I will feel the wet breath of the grass
Beneath my feet, toes entangled in
its sharp curls so like lockets of hair

I know what the night treasures
Its beating heart, a great cut of ruby
Shrouded beneath its many dark cloaks

I want to press on to the heart
Of the night, where I will with my hands
Clasp to my own chest its invaluable heart

As night does annihilate
The rolling, flowered hills into
A fallow cradle

So it will with my body
All but my eyes, which will gaze down
Still, from behind two stars.

3 Responses to “Night”

  1. clarissa says:

    This is so beautiful, Margaret, and I especially love the second verse about the toe entanglement! But every image speaks to me. Deep feelings in this one, a starry well within from which it fountained

  2. Bobbie Troy says:

    Yes, great imagery!

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