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Pick me

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Emma Lovell always had a real interest in words and literature and she recently took a creative writing course with the Open University on a whim, enjoyed it, achieved a distinction, and is now looking to continue with courses to advance her art. How many of you can relate to this poem?

Pick me
By Emma Lovell

My hand flapping
limp on its flag pole,
sea of blue arms sway,
seaweed in shallows.

My arm, drift wood
with a plastered finger and two moles
on each wrist. And even Slow Soph
with her laughing mouth

and drawn-on eyes
joins the race,
her limb lapping the thin edge
of our acceptance.

My arm chosen,
answer added to teacher’s list,
my word spoken in my child’s voice
now said in hers without the lisp. And I think, 

“that’s my word she’s saying,”
and each time I pretend it’s not mine,
then grin at the corners and turn
the colour of cooked prawn.

3 Responses to “Pick me”

  1. Lori Klopp says:

    Wonderful imagery and very evocative of a time long gone by. Really fun to read!

  2. An interesting portrait.

  3. bobbie troy says:

    yes, lovely imagery

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