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Picture of You

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Caroline Brae’s most recent poem to appear here was “Suspended” (May 2017)

Picture of You
by Caroline Brae

There is a picture of you
Quietly stored within
My little pink flip phone
Sitting in my dresser drawer
One of many places my heart resides

I wear your gold wedding ring
Secured on my finger
By my antique silver band
It keeps you close to me
It keeps me close to you

I took a picture of you
The day you turned 80 years old
Cleaned up in a white shirt
With navy blue pants
To go see the doctor

The final prognosis
Cancer—Terminal—Stage IV
One to six months he said
You passed within 30 days
Fading before my eyes

Still you remained as always
Full of love, dignity, and grace
You loved until the very end
This time your hand in mine
You playfully asking, “Who do I have here?”

Every day I greet with a smile
My favorite older photograph
Both of us happy and healthy
Holding our brimmed hats
In our hands—daughter like father

Every day I still say
“Hello Dad – Good morning”
And I can still hear your reply
“Hel-lo Car-o-line.” Your voice
Rippling my name like a songbird

6 Responses to “Picture of You”

  1. john j mckenna says:

    Wonderful and gentle beauty shared – thank you, john

    • Caroline Brae says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I am grateful for the opportunity to reach others through my poetry.
      My best, Caroline

  2. Bobbie Troy says:

    Lovely, touching.

    • Caroline Brae says:

      I greatly appreciate your comment. Thank you kindly for your message.
      My best,

  3. Sandy Patton says:

    You paint such a vivid, loving picture of a love so strong till the end and beyond. Simply beautiful.

    • Caroline Brae says:

      You humble me with you kind message. I am grateful that my words touched your heart. Picture of You is my favorite poem from Little Grey Bird. Thank you so much.
      My best,

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