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Porcelain men

02.16.12 Posted in words to linger on by

Kay Middleton’s most recent poem to appear here was Will not drown (January 2012).

Porcelain men
By Kay Middleton

A collection of fragile souls lines the shelf of my heart.
Fine-looking fellows with Lyle Lovett lyrics,
Robert Redford hair, Ringo rhythm and
Jimmy Stewart kisses. The way they are positioned
they cannot see the others and each believes (HA!)
that he is the only one. Imagine this placement.
They hail from capital cities, down under and hillbilly towns.
They are educated and handsome to a fault. I wouldn’t accept less.
Their eyes are every shade of sky, cloud and earth. Some still
have their hair, at my age this is notable. Now and again
I take one down hold my breath for the Stewart kiss,
run my fingers through Redford hair or maybe hold another
near my ear for the intoxicating beat of his drum to fill my brain.
If only one was Robert Lowell.

One Response to “Porcelain men”

  1. bobbie troy says:

    I love that first line then it just gets better and better!

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