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Elora Shore’s most recent poem to appear here was A Man’s Dreams (December 2013).

By Elora Shore

Oh, that I could but step out
Into the forest edge,
And rest in the serenity
Of their quiet morning shadows.
I would that you’d give birth to me there
In the rising sun’s sympathetic rays
That spread and weave like golden water
Round ageless, stalwart boles
And whispering rivers, ancestral voices
Calming me into soothing tranquil sleep.
May be, that my spirit will rise
Like the peeling paleness of slender birches
Finding the breath of life overhead.
Perhaps then, as the morning continues to rise
I’ll find my own wings amidst the shades
Of gold, and shadow.


One Response to “Rebirth”

  1. my spirit will rise, I believe it has.

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