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red impression

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Omar Azam was born and raised in Chicagoland and has been writing poetry in earnest since studying the Imagists with Don Revell at the age of 16. He is also a songwriter, musician, and designer. His poems and artwork have been recently published in Autumn LeavesMetazen, and Anastomoo. Read his poem and then listen to the audio recording of it being read. It is bursting with visual imagery!

red impression
By Omar Azam

Horse-brown red
riding on tile.

She is beauty
but all I see is

a mane 
tossing bobbing

Free white open

A bosom she has no capability of

Thread of an image
is what I soak but

All I see is a

Horse red
riding upon the tile.

Grown not yet
Not so far in the head yet

as she sinks to her knees
Red wild open free.

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