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It’s not too late

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Ivan Jenson’s most recent poem here was Bullish Love, which we all enjoyed. When you remember that Ivan is a visual artist as well as a poet, it’s no mystery that his poetry is so visual. Each line of this poem paints a picture.

It’s not too late
By Ivan Jenson

before they take 
the blankets off my bed
and someone else
mows my lawn
and I get framed
and put up on
the wall next 
to grandfather 
yes, now while
only some gray
sprouts on my
chin like a small
hint from
the facts of life
and while
passion still
taps on
my shoulder
and says, 
“look over there
at that one”
and ambition
elbows me
on the subway
saying, “move”
I am going to 
savor the
of strong coffee
I am 
to the
of happiness

5 Responses to “It’s not too late”

  1. carry on. splendid outlook.

  2. bobbie troy says:

    I like this idea.

  3. Kay Middleton says:

    ‘Passion still taps my shoulder’ – this is a lovely observation of the obvious fear we all feel and well captured along with a bit of hope.

  4. Patti F says:

    ….”the legal lethal pursuit of happiness”

    I may quote this line from time to time. Certain poems leave a lastng impact on me. This poem certainly does. I love it.

  5. Me too. Loved this piece. Especially the end.

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