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Restless Trance

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Jo-Anne Fideles lives and writes in the Philippines. This poem explores the territory of “parallel life.” How different is what you dream from what you live? What kind of poem would you write if those two lives were reversed?

Restless Trance
By Jo-Anne Fideles

Losing all the pretense
I found myself in a daze
In a restless trance
Of a parallel life

Where you and I existed 
In a breath of touch

Your skin that I yearned for
Your soul that never ceased
Walking with me
In my private nirvana

There you are,
Vivid and breathing
Wide awake by my side

Your eyes blazed
My heart jumped with desire
Your smile is a shaft of light
Sending my knees to a queer shudder

Inch by inch you moved
I drew myself nearer

Reaching out to catch
A glimpse of your face

In this reverie
In this dreamland
You were meant for me

4 Responses to “Restless Trance”

  1. Positively pure with passion.

  2. Gracie says:


  3. dina says:

    so so nice!just imagine the face’s aura in dreamland..loved the passion..

  4. omar says:

    a beautiful way to capture the longing and perfect dream.

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