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Self Love

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Shelby “Mahogany” Wilson’s most recent poem to appear here was Mirror’s View (May 2012).

Self Love
By Shelby Mahogany Wilson

I uncovered self love in the depths of my soul

It cracked open my heart and love poured with ease from my entire being
It gave me certitude to be proud and honor the real me
It allowed me to release the resentment of the past
I forgave those who appeared to impose pain on me
I forgave myself for the inner anguish I inflicted

Self love restored the power to be honest with myself on ever level

Banish the critical thoughts

Disown the imperfections viewed by my eyes

I learned to love my entire body even the pieces in overhaul

It provided me the strength to release distractions with peace while allowing harmony to reside

The courage to protect the little girl, love the teenager, and respect the woman

The confidence to be bold and daring in matters of my life

Step out of the box assigned by society and into my own independence

Stand up in the face of inequality by accepting everyone

For the unique gift they are to this world

Love empowered me to fully be present through every transformation

To witness my own growth from inside

In order to fully appreciate all of me

One Response to “Self Love”

  1. bobbie troy says:

    This is a wonderful journey into the world of “self.” Well done.

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