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Silent Rantings from the Track

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Sandy Patton’s most recent poem to appear here was “She is Woman” (November 2019).

Silent Rantings from the Track
By Sandy Patton

Walk on right, pass in middle, run on left.
What don’t you get? Not rocket science,
Jeeezzz. Turn the volume down on
Pandora, and pay attention!

Hey, you two lovebirds meandering along
in front of me, can’t you read? It’s ‘pass’ in
the middle, not drift along holding hands.
Could you take your romantic stroll outside?

Good grief look at her, she runs like a damn
gazelle, she’s gotta have a few plastic parts,
nothing on her body moves.
I hate her.

There’s Soccer Mom with a baby stroller,
and Sexy Young Stud, flexing biceps,
checking himself out in the mirror,
doing squats and planks in between texting.

Here comes Dad-Bod, baggy sweat pants,
oversized tee-shirt, knee-high white socks,
a combination of grim determination and agony on
his red, perspiring face. Bless his chubby little heart.

We’re quite the eclectic bunch, moving around this
circular hell; the gym rats, the middle-agers and
Silver Foxes, the fit, the wannabee fit, and the
‘look at me’s’ sporting pricey yoga pants and ear buds.

And finally, there’s me, pushing to make my steps,
dragging my tired ass around this track, craving a
Snickers, or a pizza, passing time quietly observing,
picking out a colorful array of characters
to fill up my poem.

We are strangers; we share a smile or nod in passing,
an inconsequential connection speaking volumes.
We are diverse in age and ability, we work our pace
to meet a common goal, to keep on keepin’ on!

One Response to “Silent Rantings from the Track”

  1. I felt I was there. I have been in the past. Well done.

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