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Sue Davis Gabbay’s most recent poem to appear here was “Eight Haiku for Spring” (May 2017)

By Sue Davis Gabbay

I had a doll,
I’d wanted a boy doll,
a beloved toy was he.
He had a sideways glance
a winsome pout
and on his brow lay
a wayward lock of
painted hair.
I grew up and away
from dolls;
I left my childhood home
and so, it seems, did he.
Many a Skippy I’ve seen
for sale since then,
Sailor and soldier,
little Boy Scout;
But where
could my Skippy be?
He’s in a safe place
Of that I am sure,
In my memory.

One Response to “Skippy”

  1. Ahh so sweet. I love this memory. A Howdy Dowdy doll comes to mind. I had one. I too, wonder where it is now.

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