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A Sonnet on Turning 50

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Frieda Landau’s most recent poem to appear here was April on I-95 North (April 2015).

A Sonnet on Turning 50
By Frieda Landau

So what if your joints creak more often,
And food goes right to your thighs,
And your muscles are starting to soften,
And there’s something wrong with your eyes

The gray in your hair is increasing
The brown is harder to see
You fear that your bones are decreasing
And you frequently have to pee

Your hot flashes just keep on coming
And you always forget your keys
You feel that your brain is dumbing
And there’s something wrong with your knees

Just look on the bright side of this day
You can join AARP right away!


One Response to “A Sonnet on Turning 50”

  1. STOP! I have to catch my breath. I’m laughing so hard.

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