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Soul Mate Destiny

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Nate Spears’ most recent poem to appear here was New and Improved (January 2012).

Soul Mate Destiny

By Nate Spears

A glance at your intelligent, caring, loving temple
Is symbolic
The first of your kind
A reflection of Egypt

An image brought to life

You and me: what’s to come 
In our promising future

Joined by the spoken essence of our hearts

Wordless bond
Life bringing things to see
A world to travel
You and me

Life has just begun.

Captured in your addicting love
Willing to starve
Before I accept lust

Fulfill my destiny

I shall travel no further
Paradise rests in front of my eyes

At peace
At ease
As I discover you and all your soul has to offer

To my own little world

We assembled in democracy
Conservatives to every ounce of each other’s hearts
Our love is far from politics
It’s soul mate destiny.

One Response to “Soul Mate Destiny”

  1. sari says:

    Sounds like sweet new love to me.
    Sweet new love is almost the best…

    Thank you for your poem.

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