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Southern Gothic Landscapes

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Laura Behr was a finalist in the 2012 Third Coast poetry contest. Her work has been published in The Cortland Review, Canyon Voices, The Cafe Review, Numero Cinq, Sense, em:me, and other fine journals. She recently completed a book of poetry, Cave Diving with Einstein, and a chapbook, Knife. Laura Behr lives in Montgomery AL. She is the mother of 2 girls and also a psychotherapist. 

Southern Gothic Landscapes

By Laura Behr

The sky spills onto the ground.
Shadows fall in possibilities.
The moon dips behind green woods,
a path hems in the mountain.

A fallen pine tree catches fire.
A fortress of smoke consumes
the light of the moon.

Another windless night,
gone like firewood.
A smoke flock, swept up.

Migrating birds off-course.
This dark is comforting. Dreams
unfinished of the night know

it’s easier not to know.
The world’s silence hides,
within this little world.

Under a red oak canopy,
the shadow of a bird stills.
This sea is reality.

An August moon
embraces night stars,
the earth slips in significance. 

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