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Starting at Zero (Message to New York)

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Nick Hawkins’ most recent poem to appear here was Manic Bear in a Hole(August 2011).

Starting at Zero
(Message to New York)

By Nick Hawkins

Branches wave, within streams of shines,
in through my living room window,
soft-petal double-headed roses nod 
gently in the breeze,
I stare paste this beauty
and into melancholia,
to where this Sunday meets your pain.

Time cannot heal in 2, 4, 6, 8, or even 10 years,
the deepest wounds remain open and raw,
and this unending process is reminiscent
of the eternal light at the end of tunnels,
misleading, and so far from zero.

I wander down today’s avenues
where Mother Nature is sharing
her unrivaled perfection,
I listen to the call of the birds
singing, and close my eyes to inhale
this innocence.
There are cries from within
to join the queues of those
willing to sacrifice this innocence
for the dearest of your memories lost,
thus help search for the elusive chance
to say one last farewell to stars and smiles.

Man suffers at the hands of man, but so does nature.
Will the proportion of darkness 
forever close in on light and inject
intravenously the blood of those
we love into its satanic veins?
You stopped and flexed your muscles,
mourned and wept tears of strength
and determination, you created
fountains and stood up to beat
your chest, while all prayed
with solemn sympathy
and admiration.

Today the sun will still shine, 
trees will continue to wave,
Mother Nature will privately condemn
the distinct stench of her tenants
destroying themselves and her perfection
and as for you, you will start
at zero all over again.

One Response to “Starting at Zero (Message to New York)”

  1. Anthony Ward says:

    Nice poem Nick.

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