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Strange Currency

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Lee Woodman’s most recent poem to appear here was “Essence of Blackbird” (March 2020).

Strange Currency
By Lee Woodman

If I could buy a sunset,
I’d be rich in your scent—
a dusting of salt and black opium.

If I could purchase the memory,
I’d wrap it in featherweight
lace to keep it almost intangible.

If I could retain the passion, I’d
think of the moment I
blurted I love you and you responded.

Ever rich—I’d swim in the
tenderness of amplified
feeling, up-breaths of excitement—

I’d replay the evening on the beach,
your palms grazing my ribs,
smoothing down my hips.

For this, I’d pay a gazillion starfish
            and pocketsful of
doubloons that chime.

2 Responses to “Strange Currency”

  1. Naomi Greenwood says:

    Gorgeous poem Lee
    You are amazing

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