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Still, the Birds Sing

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Sandy Patton’s most recent poem to appear here was “Silent Rantings From the Track” (February 2020)

Still, the Birds Sing
By Sandy Patton

The quiet is deafening.

Our vibrant city, so alive, so full of
energy, now sits motionless, bathed
in an eerie silence of a ghost town.
No lanes of cars with drivers impatiently
waiting on green lights, feet poised on
pedals, eager to rush to destinations.

Did our world suddenly go mad?
Is this a sick joke that isn’t funny, or
a bad dream all too real? Schools,
churches, synagogues, parks,
stadiums, festivals, and even our
beloved beaches, all deserted.

Once-busy shopping centers, packed
with cars and people, now vacant
parking lots and empty stores, closed,
except for the lone grocery operating
on limited hours, and tired, overworked
employees who still manage to smile.

A scattering of restaurants remain
open for take-out only. Food brought
to cars by masked, gloved servers,
careful to maintain the safe, six foot
social distancing, before placing bags
into outstretched, gloved hands.

Essential workers, hospital staff, EMTs,
police, fire fighters, so many others,
exhausted, pushed beyond their limits,
working tirelessly to provide comfort
and care to our sick, frail, and frightened.
These are our unsung heroes.

Still, I find in the midst of fear, there is
hope. We can find pleasure in things
once taken for granted. A time to just
relax, reconnect, remember. A second
chance to right a wrong, heal a wound,
and move forward with gratitude.

We can behold a flawless sunrise
or sunset, breathe in the beauty of
a budding Spring, and, if we listen
closely, we can feel renewed calm in
the sweet symphony of sounds
emanating from the singing of the birds.

4 Responses to “Still, the Birds Sing”

  1. Beautiful, explains exactly what we have been dealing with for 3-1/2 months.

  2. This is a very good summary of what we must endure at this time.
    Honest, exact and frustrating as only Sandy can.

    • sandy patton says:

      Jeanette, so glad you liked it! You know how much your opinion means. Thanks again, Sandy

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