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Summer’s End

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Nick Hawkins’ most recent poem to appear here was “What I Loved About this Year” (December 2017).

Summer’s End
By Nick Hawkins

Everyday is a Summer’s end,
as ripened foils, we tumble heavy to the ground,
laying shadows of lost opportunity and fayre,
whilst the sunset tells us it’s time to bed down in this fading light and cry . . .
. . . for the last moments warm,
words soft,
and delicate hand to hold that won’t see another Winter’s embrace,
will not sing those hazy dawn choruses,
or mull over a coffee in the comfort of tepid rain,
chewing us over one more time in jest.

Autumn sits beyond its golden trees,
holding court with her vibrant shades of Fall,
that upon this Summer’s end will wash ‘what was’ down gutters of unforgiving squalls,
breaching the serrated edges of these ripped hearts,
that lay motionless along with the rest of life’s untouched fruit . . .

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