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The Road to Cemetery Road

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AJ Huffman’s most recent post to appear here was The Beauties of the Named Land (May 2013).

The Road to Cemetery Road
By AJ Huffman

starts with a tube full of embalming
fluid, ends with a fistful of dirt falling
over coffin, satin-lined. I was
trip-ticked somewhere in between by three
ghosts waiting for me at the foot of a bed
I don’t remember making. Their directions ring
contradictory, and I am pretty 
sure the older one short-sheeted me
somehow. Poker-faced, I play their silly games,
laughing as they attempt to bury me. In spirit,
I know I will always be
dancing in the wind.

One Response to “The Road to Cemetery Road”

  1. I hope your dancing spirit never leaves you.

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