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The Visit

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Molly Frederick’s most recent poem to appear here was “Day Come Lightly” (September 2019).

The Visit
By Molly Frederick

Orange and black, oriole burns
through day, barely containing his
deeply folded fires.
Like a flaming arrow, he singes
the afternoon, piercing a gleaming arc
wherever he goes.
Even at rest inside the branches
of the pine—which stands recalling
the solace of the sea—he bristles
with sparks of light.
And his minikin eyes brim bright
with bituminous black.
In a single second, he has ignited
our world,
set it ablaze with shivering slivers
shaved from the splendors
of the fire-breathing sun.
Then off he flies to capture
one more portion
of the fleeting, flame-fleeing day.
Distant oriole.

4 Responses to “The Visit”

  1. Absolutely, a stunnig piece! I so love Orioles, but rarely see them any more.

  2. KC Bosch says:

    Very nice.

  3. Sharon Poch says:

    Strong words fire a breathtaking scene.

  4. Ed Zahniser says:

    Great poetic portrait of the Maryland state bird! Thanks.

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