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Two by Charlene James-Duguid

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Charlene James-Duguid’s most recent poem to appear here was “Magic Mushroom Day” (June 2018)

Wonder Struck
By Charlene James-Duguid

All of science can not explain,
Though it tries mightily,
The off beats of the human heart,
The perfume of a baby’s breath.
If it could take the common patterns:
The steaming coffee, the floss, the sunbeam’s
Streaking cross a window not lately washed.
Take it to task, demand an answer,
Our fate would be assured.
We could live in personal nirvanas,
Trading cards like kids flipping
Baseball legends,
Romping through Elysian Fields
Of Periwinkle.
But, no.
Hypothesis don’t calculate.
Theorem don’t sway reality.
Our time leaks out or dances gaily,
We decide
And that’s the fun of it.

By Charlene James-Duguid

Why try so hard to understand ideas
Outside one’s ken.
A star is a star, a window of heaven,
Planetary  dust salts and peppers my steak,
Black holes are where I find my missing socks.
Nothing more, nothing less.

Mismatched things, that’s why, that’s how
My universe thrives.
Befriending scientists, analyzing Einsteinium,
I pretend I’m bright, as shiny as platinum
Or one of the elements I don’t understand.

So far beyond my neighbors’ thoughts
That distance need not be measured
In rods, bounds or meters, instead
It just sits there like a corner grocer’s aisle
Pretending the final frontier is all mine.

Until, in white, my keeper , the same old orderly arrives,
Tray, dish, knife, all of safety grade rubber.
Pushing it through the slot for the millionth time,
He says for the trillionth time:

“Crazy old lady, you still listening for gravitational waves.
Still thinking you understand God?”

One Response to “Two by Charlene James-Duguid”

  1. Bonnie Perkins says:

    Lyrical expression Char!

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