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Harris Tobias’ most recent poem here was Hints of Spring (May 2011).

By Harris Tobias

I have dealt the vines a mighty blow
I visited their stronghold and laid them waste
Some as fat around as a man’s arm
They must have been there for years
And thought they were safe
Others were thinner than a thread
Barely one season old
I gave them a taste of the old one two
I cut them all and left them wondering
What they did to incur my wrath
I did not feel the need to explain
Why bother? They cannot escape their nature
Nor can I
Theirs to twine
Mine to watch them die.

2 Responses to “Vines”

  1. robert rubenstein says:

    keep swinging. fine imagery. it makes me glad as a fellow attmp. let’s spread the words.I confess to liking poems the best.

  2. Sounds like you have things under control.