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Women of Alaska Speak

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In June 2011, I was honored to be part of a creativity workshop in Anchorage Alaska hosted by The Black Feather Poets. One of the amazing highlights was experiencing the creative energy in the room as some 13 different women writing together created this poem. Have I told you lately that vox loves collaboration?

Women of Alaska Speak
By Black Feather Poets and Friends

So it starts with the discovery that
most things or
nothing … is actually important
because it all changes
or goes away completely with time
or in a moment.

And it continues with the realization
that even if
the worst-case scenario happens
I can … I will
in spite of negative thoughts
in spite of myself
and I will find the adventure in it.

It is the connection to
Mom’s spirit/soul.

It is thoughts of
the end
of life,
of looking forward
to it.

It is having
a compassionate heart.
It is being
It is knowing
how to cook.

It is becoming a
quiet goddess,
citizen of the world.

Our human-ness
is our connection to others,
our different senses of humor,
our compassion.
I no longer see fragments.

It is music, drumming.
It is not recognizing can’t.

Because I can
let go, release,
be positive.

find union
yes we can

Yes we can

work hard
and embrace
the challenges of things
we haven’t done.

We are able

to see in ourselves
the black girl dissatisfied
and become whole,
knitting a charismatic quilt
out of 

Because we can.

2 Responses to “Women of Alaska Speak”

  1. Sarah says:

    This is wonderful! I love it.

  2. bobbie troy says:

    Great work, and it must have been great to be part of it!

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