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What Triumph I Can Muster

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Jennifer Lobaugh is a writer, musician, and student at the University of Oklahoma. Fluent in English, French, Russian, and Sarcasm, her poetry has recently been published in The Camel Saloon, Phantom Kangaroo, and Gutter Eloquence Magazine.

What Triumph I Can Muster
By Jennifer Lobaugh

when I finally break free from your

calamitous affection–

when the pools of caustic silence

swell too deep for me to stand–

I will move in wind chime whispers

toward the cruel myth of The Future

I will gravitate in honeysuckle and

everlasting despair

you’ll continue to grow (c)older

with your numbers and your hubris

you’ll be cringing at the sight of

me existing without you

and I won’t call it a victory

since this isn’t what I wanted

and I won’t be Alexander

gloating over conquered lands

but at least I’ll be unfettered

as I flounder in my waters

swimming broken but still buoyant

no millstone around my neck

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