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Winter Bliss

12.27.17 Posted in today's words by

Molly Frederick’s most recent poem to appear here was “Evening Egret” (November 2017)

Winter Bliss
By Molly Frederick

Morning frost leaves long spirit prints
upon the earth.
Early they rise, early they sail
between the stone-white pillars
of a day’s sublime forgetfulness.

On peaceful paths planed by silver,
the day slips by,
skating past the muted hours,
to enter winter night’s
deeper stillness.

Enter then, with scrupulous steps,
and contemplative ease, the depths
of  winter’s long repose.
Interiors graced by gentle rustlings
in the evergreens.


2 Responses to “Winter Bliss”

  1. Charlene james duguid says:

    Lovely poem, so appropriate for positive attitude before potential blizzards . Thank you.

  2. Excellent choices with your words. Beautiful images!

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