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Small Pieces of Paper

08.27.11 Posted in today's words by

Abigale Louise LeCavalier’s poem The Trail appeared here in April 2011. Small Pieces of PaperBy Abigale Louise LeCavalier Waiting with the fever of anticipation, patience, is not my strong suit. Looking for a letter baring a soul, or an hourglass wrapped in red velvet. The initial rush of pleasant anxious feeling, heart pounding like a piston, down […]

Thank You

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Katrina Guarascio’s most recent poem here was Her Absence, published in January 2011 as third runner-up in the First-Ever vox poetica Poetry Contest. Thank YouBy Katrina Guarascio Thank you for the dance in the lightning storm, for the blowing wind that placed my hair in your eyes, and the shattered glass that bites at bare feet. […]

Mountain Hike

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Salvatore Buttaci’s poem What Time Is Left was published as part of Contributor Series 7: The Confessional Diary of Bone in December 2010.  Mountain HikeBy Salvatore Buttaci Box lunch prepared, we hike the hills dotted with marigolds so still we think they’re asleep in their green beds, deep in woods steep with sun spill.  Ham sandwiches on […]

Dream Surfer

08.25.11 Posted in words to linger on by

Brooke Elliott’s most recent poem here was Remission (May 2011). Dream SurferBy Brooke Elliott You took too long, so I came to find you; I was afraid of broken bones and fatal scrapes, but you were still there, paddling and standing. I stood on the  boardwalk and watched,  invisible to you, as you drifted in and out […]

Wonder Woman

08.24.11 Posted in today's words by

Dean Olson has published six limited-edition poetry collections. He is emeritus faculty of the Evergreen State College, where he taught economics, cultural studies and maritime history. He lives in Olympia WA with his children and grandchildren. His poems have been accepted for publication in Cascade #2 by the Washington Poets Association, Prairie Schooner, Minotaur, The Innisfree Poetry Journal, […]

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