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A Flash Mob for Holiday Shoppers

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KJ Hannah Greenberg’s most recent poem to appear here was All Those Nooks and Crannies (November 2012).A Flash Mob for Holiday ShoppersBy KJ Hannah Greenberg Turning tricks near neighborhood totems, ratherThan pirouetting higher on stage, triggers an itch;Suddenly there’s a need to curtsy the food court. Juniper, all tulle and sequins, pink sprigs of hair,Barbie doll makeup, tinsel […]

The White Horse (New Amsterdam on Hudson)

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John J McKenna’s most recent poem to appear here was Wish (August 2012). The White Horse (New Amsterdam on Hudson)By John J McKenna I. thisthe olde coldof sooty grey Londonhere too in the still youngrising timber smokeof New Amsterdam where shadow and shadegrin in wicked macabreOctober delight cold as skyslouched from river east where big hearted brightnot close […]


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KC Bosch’s most recent poem to appear here was Horse Show, published as part of Contributor Series 11: On Birthdays, in July 2012.EggnogBy KC Bosch Drinking beerholiday cheer.Dark so earlyit already feels late.An unplanned visitwith a full bag of booze.Ever had eggnog?  Yes, straight from the carton  spiked with PX bourbon.This is the real thing,Anne’s family […]


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Juliana Norwood lives in Vermont. She tries to stay off the grid and leave a small footprint. Her 6 daughters inspire her writing in the most unexpected of ways. She believes creativity is the key to every locked door.  WaitBy Juliana Norwood I have been waiting for the elvessince I was 3, riding in the […]

The CPSC Entry

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Jim Kuperstein is a good writer and a good guy. He is from San Diego CA. The CPSC EntryBy Jim Kuperstein 850523HCC3239|19820606|D|75|52|8|9|14|1|CA| A 14 YEAR OLD WAS THROWN FROM A 3 WHEELED ATVWHEN HE APPARENTLY BRAKED USING ONLY THE FRONTWHEEL. HE LANDED ON HIS HEAD. THE RESULTING HEADINJURIES PROVED FATAL. HE WAS WEARING A HELMET. My brother’s life and deathDistilled and […]

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