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Advice From One Teller to a Customer

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Paul Olexa is a sophomore at Randolph-Macon College. His poetry doesn’t want to fit the bill, but can’t help finding it wherever it goes.Advice From One Teller to a CustomerBy Paul Olexa “What most want outa piece that touts a timedscheme is something magical:points that huffin a burstsabbatical needand curse. But I’m fond to say:if […]

The Windy Artist

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Daniel Dowe’s most recent poem here was Opening (December 2012). The Windy ArtistBy Daniel Dowe Don’t rake leaves,On windy Saturdays.November breezes like chaosAnd swirls.The November artistStages afternoon happenings:Where leaves form circle dances;Synchronized marches across intersections;And mutinies against carefully constructed piles. The Saturday wind is like an eight year old,Unconscious and uninterested in schedules,Contemptuous of adult tasks;Blowing away my […]

Hurricane Sandy

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Kay Middleton’s most recent poem to appear here was Porcelain Men (February 2012).Hurricane SandyBy Kay Middleton I have reached that point in the storm,likely just before the power goes out,when I hear the wind threateningoutside my window. The radio repeats the warnings,the closings, the speed of the windthreatening outside my window.Now the storm becomes a prison and […]

On my patio

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Krista Ramsay holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Butler University, where she served as poetry editor for Booth: A Journal. Two of her poems will be appearing in the summer 2013 issue of Inclement Poetry Magazine. She currently lives in Indianapolis with her husband Dave and two turtles, Gary and Otis.On my patioBy Krista Ramsay The […]


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Marya Zilberberg’s most recent poem to appear here was: Staring into the eyes of God, published as part of Contributor Series 7: The Confessional Diary of Bone in December 2010.BeingBy Marya Zilberberg Yesterday in the sky I saw whales, Fusiform bodies lined up in parallel, A crack of sunlight in between, Looking south, Their cetacean song […]

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