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Elizabeth Akin Stelling’s most recent poem to appear here was I Came In With My Eyes Wide Open published as part of Contributor Series 11: On Birthdays in July 2012. #32 By Elizabeth Akin Stelling We never had money to go to the movies or the circus. If you complained about that then you would hear stories […]


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Bill Webb is a husband, father, and IT guy who writes in the Chicago area. Visit his blogs here and here. Tabby By Bill Webb ferocious tabbydisdaining all tribute–yetlove declaws the cat

Teasing Them Answerless

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Sy Roth’s most recent poem to appear here was Content to Circle (March 2013). Teasing Them AnswerlessBy Sy Roth Celestial beings mischievously play footsie with little men,teasing them answerless.Before Adam’s apocalypsethe earth, with bated breath, lingered in the vast expanse.Apples fell with silent thunks to the ground.A train blew a plaintive whistle,Gnostic challenge pinging from one star […]


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Susan Sweetland Garay’s most recent poem to appear here was Accumulation (March 2013).  Reflection By Susan Sweetland Garay On my way to lunch yesterdayI saw and stoppedand took a photo ofa lovely glass door,only later noticing my ownreflection in it. I fear that I may haveaccidentally become two faced,two faceted. O dear.I cannot help itI think andput […]

Love’s Succession

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Moriah LaChapell’s most recent poem to appear here was Desert Dreamtime (March 2013). Love’s Succession By Moriah LaChapell Embers floatingupwardsin the dark forest. Tides of firesweet pinesred winethen deep sleep. Memoriesand dreams of his laughter. Then the woundof love and fearand lossand loss of selfand the giftof knowinghim.

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