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Contributor Series 2: Candy and Spirits, Jersey Boys

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Contributor Series 2: Candy and Spirits
Jersey Boys

By Bryan Borland

For laughs we dressed
as Jersey girls, gaudy wigs,
earrings that pinched and
Bon Jovi shirts, running between buildings
as the cold weather shook off
its costumed summer with confidence
and I chased you for warmth.
We rang doorbells, a little old
to be beggars in your sister’s clothes,
our bags swallowing candy
we poured on your bed afterwards.
You gave me kisses that night,
dozens, wrapped in silver.
I was expecting more.

Bryan Borland’s poetry (Grapes of Comfort, Weeds, Birdsong) has appeared at vox poetica in 2009.

3 Responses to “Contributor Series 2: Candy and Spirits, Jersey Boys”

  1. Ray Sharp says:

    There is great excitement in the pouring onto the bed. Not to mention the unwrapping.

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