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Friends of Magpies

11.28.11 Posted in words to linger on by

Amye Nicole Bird is a 37-year-old life-long resident of Utah. She is a married, stay-at-home mother of 4 young children and it is her wish to inspire the love of reading and writing poetry in her children as well as in others. Her work has been published in The Story Teller, Eye on Life Online Magazine, Long Story Short, WestWard Quarterly, and several other print and online publications. Amye wrote this poem to bring attention to the way these birds are often dismissed as trash or problem birds. As a lover and supporter of animal rights it is Amye’s goal to see all creatures treated with respect.

Friends of Magpies
By Amye Nicole Bird

I watch you through the year magpie,
As you loudly call and chatter about,
Under the warmth of each day’s afternoon.
The sun glints off of your feathers,
Giving them the illusional sheen of purple and blue,
Oh-how God made quite the beautiful soul
When he created a bird such as you.
Many may call you the trouble maker,
While I find your large self quite brave,
You’re labeled a thief, heckler and pest,
But I find watching your quirky antics,
Takes bird watching to its very best.
Many others may shoo you away
When they find you visiting their feeders,
Or when they see you perched loudly in the trees,
And if that’s the case, just come land in my yard,
I’ll just sit and watch as you frolic and play,
I’ll even set out a special treat just to attract you,
And you’ll always be welcome to come any day,
For you’ll always find a safe haven with me.

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