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She Is

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James G. Piatt’s most recent poem to appear here was “A Disturbance” (October 2013)

She Is
By James G. Piatt

            She is
White winter scenery,
Blue frothy ocean waves
Rolling in
On an incoming tide,
A teal colored brook
Racing down
A green mountainside,
A melodious breeze
Singing though tall pine trees,

            She is
Smooth ecru shale
On the side of a pond,
A terrifying idealist,
A quiet soul
Amidst raucous crowds,
The aroma of a red rose
On the altar
Of a darkened church,

            She is
An idea
Giving birth to prudence,
A mind yearning
For completeness,
A soul in search
Of redemption,

            She is
A prayer hidden
In the gray haze
Of a San Francisco morning,
Tears from a lost dream,
A gentle touch,
A tender feeling,
A glimmer of hope,

            She is
A beautiful aging woman
With the mind of a youth,
A dreamer of lost memories,
The last rose on a fading winter Arbor,
A pebble falling from a mountain,
A shining essence… with a
Beautiful smile.

            She is
A person filled with fading memories from the past…
And above all she is an anchor
For an old aging man with fading

2 Responses to “She Is”

  1. Bobbie Troy says:

    Wow, James, this is a lovely and touching poem. I can relate to the last two stanzas.

  2. I loved this poignant poem. Quite the tribute~~

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