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Joan L Cannon is a Manhattan native. She has published short stories, 2 novels, and poetry. Most of her adult life was spent in rural CT. She now lives in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina. She contributes essays and book reviews regularly to Senior Women Web. Visit her blog


By Joan L Cannon

Lacy, rosy, an intricate emblem
almost like that first embrace
in a moon shadow that felled us both as with a draught
that might have been fatal as ricin,
but instead gave us the strength of giants … 
at least in each other’s eyes … 
here is a card:
a missive from among a million
cranked with cynical profit motive
from rhymesters with mortgages on their minds,
yet I read between careful couplets
the message sent from one full heart
to quench the thirst of the other.

Below the symbol of the day
in your hand in midnight blue
I find the cipher to which
we share the key. “Be My Valentine,”
a needless plea we translate
–simple code for labyrinthine love.

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