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Rafael Ayala Páez was born in Zaraza, Guárico, Venezuela in 1988. He studied at the Universidad Nacional Experimental Simón Rodríguez (UNESR). His collection included Bocados de silencia (2012) and The lightness of matter (2012). His work was featured in The Blue Hour Anthology–A collection of poetry, prose and art (Blue Hour Press 2013). He was […]


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Bobbie Troy’s most recent poem to appear here was Fleeting Soul (January 2014). Anger By Bobbie Troy anger wears me out it takes my guts and ties them up like an overstuffed sausage that’s ready to burst and when the anger subsides I am spent and nothing has been resolved  

Christmas Lights

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Bill Webb’s most recent poem to appear here was Clarity (February 2014). Christmas Lights By Bill Webb Lights sparkle in your eyes the tree adorned children gently snore. It is then I understand the beauty of unwrapping.  


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Richard Schnap’s most recent poem to appear here was Portrait in Three Movements (March 2014). Trinity By Richard Schnap He told me in a bar one night There are three types of people Those as mindless as sheep Following whoever leads them Those as predatory as wolves Telling the sheep where to go And those […]

The Yield

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Joan Fishbein’s poem The Complexity of Technology appeared here in March 2014. The Yield By Joan Fishbein she understood the shape and size of her lot the water flow     wind pattern when she looked out the kitchen windows she pictured     texture     foliage     aroma of what she wanted […]

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