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The Transcendental Mariner

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Gregory Gunn’s most recent poem to appear here was “Ethereal Morning Awakening” (November 2013) 

The Transcendental Mariner
By Gregory Gunn

Engulfed by the hard horizon,
he fully indicated his ensuing
inclination to the void, his southful
fate, his peculiar post meridians,
and long-winded disrepair to
the elements as if an ancient
parable reversed an obstinate
retrograde rotation in a cosmos
revolving in the opposite
direction; and decipher the curse
laid before him in cuneiform.
Unpacific ideas, channels and
galleries for the swift defenses
and dismal galleons of brine-
deckled dreams. Icy harbouring,
titanic waves and maelstroms
far beyond him. At this juncture,
he felt his skeletal frame turn to
the simplest sodium & calcium,
to cool ivory wax; and battered
by those gregarious seas,
isolated in the panicky Vatican
of himself, then what was observed
there, who worked the loom?
To the bounding main he bent
his ear, whose hollering flowering
in the muteness did he hear,
asserting an order of abandonment?

One Response to “The Transcendental Mariner”

  1. devon says:

    Favorite phrase–“Brine-deckled dreams”

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