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It’s not too late

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Ivan Jenson’s most recent poem here was Bullish Love, which we all enjoyed. When you remember that Ivan is a visual artist as well as a poet, it’s no mystery that his poetry is so visual. Each line of this poem paints a picture. It’s not too late By Ivan Jenson before they take  the blankets […]

On Aging

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Audrey Markowitz is a retired communications and training consultant who is now a volunteer mediator-in-training at her local dispute resolution center. She also helps elementary students with their reading. Audrey pursues her passions for making handmade one-of-a-kind greeting cards and writing poetry. Her poem here is an entertaining observation of the way certain rituals change […]

Restless Trance

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Jo-Anne Fideles lives and writes in the Philippines. This poem explores the territory of “parallel life.” How different is what you dream from what you live? What kind of poem would you write if those two lives were reversed? Restless Trance By Jo-Anne Fideles Losing all the pretense I found myself in a daze In […]


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John Grey’s poem At the Age appeared here in April. Today he tackles death and what follows it. A poetic form of a will, perhaps, but written in a much more lyrical manner. The imagery in this might make you a little queasy, but there’s no way around that. Matter By John Grey Bury me in purple […]

Pure Heart

08.28.10 Posted in today's words by

Tapeshwar Amef gave us a lovely celebration of the World Cup in July (World Cup Starts). He lives and writes in India, but the miracle of technology allows us to chat with him as if we’re all in the same space. Visit his blog to keep up with him. This poem is his tribute to Mother Teresa […]

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